Worm Control Without Anthelmintics

ORFC Global 2021 Workshop

Find out how grazing on the bioactive forages might be the answer to effective, reliable worm control – a crucial insight as anthelmintic resistance becomes an increasing issue for sheep farmers. We focus on research and trials exploring bioactive forages (heather, chicory and Lucerne), and nematophagus fungi.

With anthelmintic resistance becoming an increasing issue, and reducing reliance on contentious inputs an important goal, finding alternative worm controls has become a growing area of research.

In this session, we talk to researchers and farmers trialling alternative approaches to worm control, as part of the RELACS programme. Having ‘set the scene’ technically, looking at the current state of anthelmintic use, we go on to look in details at farm trials and research into replacements. Panellists share data from recent surveys, plus information on bioactive forages (such as heather, chicory, Lucerne) and nematophagus fungi.

We then open the floor for a Q&A session, and a chance for participants to ask questions and share their experiences and knowledge.

Spiridoula Athanasiadou
Caroline Chylinski
Charlotte Blackler
Katharine Sharp
Katy Whitby-Last

Ana Allamand

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