Will hyperthyroidism be passed on to the next generation?

Will hyperthyroidism be passed on to the next generation?

With the improvement of people's health awareness and the improvement of examination methods, the detection rate of hyperthyroidism is also on the rise, which brings a lot of trouble to people. And we have to admit the heritability of hyperthyroidism because we often see more than one person with hyperthyroidism in a family. Among all the children and siblings of hyperthyroidism patients, half of them can be found they carry thyroid antibodies, and the presence of these antibodies may put them at greater risk of developing hyperthyroidism in the future. We are anxious when talking about this. Hyperthyroidism is so difficult to cure and there is no way to improve it? Can people still give birth to a child after recovering? Will it ruin a child's life if parents pass it on to him? Don’t worry, the following suggestions can answer your questions:

Hyperthyroidism Really Heritable?
First of all, hyperthyroidism is related to genetic constitution. The prevalence rate of children is relatively high if there is such kind of case among their families, especially their parents. But this does not mean that children will definitely suffer this disease if their parents carry that. Of course, the incidence of hyperthyroidism can be reduced if we pay attention to the regularity of work and rest in our daily life, have a healthy diet, control our emotions and so on.

women with hyperthyroidism get pregnant? Will the baby be affected?
Hyperthyroidism can make it difficult to conceive or be prone to miscarriage, but pregnancy can still occur. At this time, we can use the drugs that do not easily cross the placenta prescribed by regular hospital so that we can control thyroid function better.

3. Can patients with hyperthyroidism be recovered by relaxing their state of mind?
Patients can control their emotions and pay more attention to rest time will get improvement if the result of the blood test for thyroid function shows that there is only a slight abnormality. Of course, patients with obvious symptoms usually need treatment in a regular hospital.

hyperthyroidism causes eye protrusion will affect our appearence, can it be improved?
Eye protrusion is a clear symptom of earlier to treat, the better the recover. Patients with mild eye protrusion usually improve slowly with regular medication. But as for patients with severe eye protrusion, the hospital will advice the patients to carry out effective treatment through modern technical means. So hurry to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.
If there are symptoms of suspected thyroid disease, it is really necessary to check and treat in time, do not take medicine blindly, and beware of causing harm to the body and family members.

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