The Main Skin Lightening Players And What They Do

If you're lost about which lightening to use then hopefully this can help.

Kojic Acid Serum:
Kojic Soap:
Vitamin C Serum:

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Supplements I'm Currently Taking ( & Canada Scroll To Bottom)
♥︎Glutathione I'm currently on:
♥︎ Liquid Chlorophyll (my fav brand):
♥︎Cheapest Glutathione for megadosing - Reduced Glutathione Bulk:
♥︎Current Method I'm Using- Rectal Applicator:
♥︎Zinc (has b6, vitamin A, & rosehips):
♥︎I was taking -S-Acetyl Glutathione (300mg 2x daily):
♥︎ Ascorbic Acid (cheaper than liposomal vit C):
♥︎Liposomal Vitamin C (2,000mg 2x daily):
♥︎Soy-Free Milk Thistle:
♥︎Codeage Collagen:
♥︎ Magnesium (life changer!):
♥︎Best MSM:
♥︎Hyaluronic Acid (1 pill a day):
♥︎Vitamin D3:

& Canada Viewers (The Supplements I Take) :
♥︎ Zinc for acne (vita b6, rosehips, & vita A):
♥︎ UK Liquid Chlorophyll:
♥︎ Canada Liquid Chlorophyll:
♥︎UK Glutathione Powder :
♥︎Canada Glutathione Powder (bulk):
♥︎ Rectal syringe:
♥︎ Canada Rectal Syringe:
♥︎ Chamomile (for topical spray) :
♥︎ Canada Chamomile (for topical spray):
♥︎ UK Acetyl Glutathione :
♥︎ Canada Acetyl Glutathione:
✅If you can't do acetyl then use reduced glutathione either rectal or nebulizer method
♥︎ Glutathione Nebulizer:
♥︎ Canada Glutathione Nebulizer:
♥︎ Koji San Kojic Soap:
♥︎ Canada Koji San Kojic Soap:
♥︎ Liposomal Vitamin C:
♥︎ Canada Liposomal Vitamin C:
♥︎ Ascorbic Acid In Bulk (cheaper then liposomal):
♥︎ Canada Ascorbic Acid In Bulk (cheaper then liposomal):
♥︎UK Best MSM flakes :
♥︎ Canada MSM Flakes:
♥︎Aloe Vera Gel:
♥︎ Licorice Root (Topical) :
♥︎ Canada Licorice Root (Topical):
♥︎ Liquid Chlorophyll (Immediate Glow Within 24hrs drink) :
♥︎ Canada Liquid Chlorophyll (Immediate glow within 24hrs drink):
♥︎ Collagen:
♥︎ Canada Collagen:
♥︎ Hyaluronic Acid:
♥︎Canada Hyaluronic Acid:
♥︎Canada Chelated Zinc (acne) :
♥︎ Vitamin D3 (acne) :
♥︎ Canada Vitamin D3 (acne):
♥︎ Magnesium Citrate (Life changer!):
♥︎ Canada Magnesium Citrate (Life changer!):
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