Taking Birth Control "the pill" for Acne! | First month!

Hello! If you have watched my past videos, you know that I have tried all kinds of acne treatments and nothing works. One month ago, I decided to try something other than topical gels and creams ( #DifferinGel and #tretinoin ) to fight my acne. I decided to try birth control before accutane. My gynecologist seems pretty confident that it will help me and I'm hoping that he is right. I will be making updates every month or two on how my skin is doing so if you would like to follow my journey, be sure to subscribe! Let me know down in the comments if you have tried #birthcontrol or #accutane for your acne, and if it helped! Thank you for watching❤️
DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor and I am in no way telling or advising you to go on birth control to help your skin. I am simply just sharing my experience as I take it to see if it works for me!
0:58 : all about my birth control (brand, side effects, is it helping my skin?)
3:40 : Skincare changes and my skincare routine
5:15 : An up-close of my skin!
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