Sex, Food, & Your Libido

“I got off birth control, got in touch with my hormones, and became the woman I was supposed to be!”

This week, I am joined by a dietician and founder of Funk It Wellness Kate Morton. We talk about the benefits of wellness in relation to our menstrual cycle, specifically when it comes to the food we put in our bodies.

Kate candidly shares her pro-empowered decision-making as she experienced birth control, her decision to remove her implant, and dealing with the effects all of this had on her physically, mentally, and sexually. Join us as we learn about what seed cycling is and the 4 (Yes 4!) parts to your central cycling and how specific food can support your system as your hormones shift.

This is for you if:
· Want to learn about what nutrients to use as your hormones shift
· Suffer from breast tenderness prior to your period
· Trying to get familiar with your cycle
· Want to learn the food that can help support your cycle

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