Q&A: Meet Mama Warrior (pt. 1) | Losing 200 lbs | Weight Loss Journey

In this video Mama Warrior and I do a fun Q&A, answering all of your questions! It’s a long one (and this is only part 1!) so put it on while you clean, cook, workout, contemplate horrible life decisions, etc. If you have any ideas for mental health and weight loss topics, any workout or diet challenges you want me to complete, or just aspects of my weight loss journey you are interested in seeing, make sure comment down below!

THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! And please stick around for a while because my weight loss journey to lose 200 pounds is just getting started. Make sure to subscribe and turn on the notification bell if you would like to see more!

Starting Weight: lbs
Goal Weight: 180 lbs
Current Weight: 339 lbs ( lbs)

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How I deal with cravings:
No added sugar challenge:
A day in the life of losing weight:
What I eat in a day to lose weight (OMAD):
Therapist reacts to body positivity community:
3 day water fast results:
1 mile a day challenge results:
How to create a weight loss plan that works:
Stay positive during weight loss:
Motivation VS Dedication for weight loss:
How I deal w/ negative thoughts/emotions:
Starting my weight loss journey + plan:
How I got fat:
Find binge and emotional eating triggers:
Plan around binge and emotional eating triggers:
Weekly vlog #1:
Weekly weigh-in #1:
Weekly weigh-in #2:
Weekly weigh-in #3:
Weekly weigh-in #4:
Weekly weigh-in #5:
Weekly weigh-in #6:


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