My p.m. Skincare Routine for GLOW (age 39) | Favorite Japanese Products + Anti Wrinkle Pillow Review

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This video goes though my full evening skincare routine, including: my favorite products, how I remove even waterproof makeup gently, the order I apply my serums, toners, night + eye creams, etc! And I walk though my favorite body products as well.

I am a big fan of the Japanese + Korean skincare methods of lightly layering products for hydration, the video goes through each step! It's similar to how I apply makeup, lighter layers, instead of one thicker product.

Make sure to watch in 1080p60 HD to view in the best quality.

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Chatty Product Talk | :38
Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Pillow Review | 25:35
How My Skin Looks When I Wake Up | 28:21
Routine in Real Time | 29:45
Close Ups of My Skin in Natural Light | 34:27
Out Takes | 35:34

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