My Daily Skin Care Routine (Morning & Night) | The INKEY List, Korean Skin Care

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I filmed this video back in October 2020 and finally just got to editing it now! I hope that you enjoy the video and find it useful. It is filled with helpful tips throughout the video and products that I currently use and love! I am not an expert or a skin care specialist, but these are the tips I’ve learned over the years on my skin care journey. These products work for me and may not work for everybody. I usually try to stick to affordable products as well. Hope you like the video!


***I also forgot to mention I exfoliate once a week with The Ordinary AHA/BHA peeling solution!*** I'll do this after cleansing in the evening. Don't apply any active serums after! Just use a simple moisturizer after.

Products mentioned:
Morning Routine:
- Water from the sink
- Toner:
- Serum:
- Moisturizer:
- Eye Cream:
- Facial Oil:
- Sun Screen:

Night Routine:
- Cleansing Balm:
- Foam Cleanser:
- Retinol: :p443842:product
- Moisturizer: :p455369:product
- Eye Cream: :p455366:product
- Sleep Mask:
- Pimple Patch:

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