Lisinopril long term side effects | 11 MUST KNOW tips to avoid side effects!

This video looks at the blood pressure medication Lisinopril and examines Lisinopril long term side the end of the video you will learn 11 must know tips to avoid side of the most common side effects is the Lisinopril cough,.This video will also look at the most common other side effects.

00:00 Intro
00:22 What is Lisinopril?
00:36 How does Lisinopril work?
00:49 What is Lisinopril used for?
01:11 Dosing & administration?
01:33 Lisinopril side-effects?
02:25 Lisinopril cough
02:51 Lisinopril Warning (Contraindication!)
03:05 Lisinopril drug drug interactions
03:23 11 MUST KNOW TIPS to avoid long term side effects
03:49 Lisinopril and Alcohol

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