Kristi's 140 Lb. Weight Loss Journey | Losing Weight vs. Maintaining Weight Loss (Interview)

Kristi lost 140 lbs.! Did She keep it off?

What's easier: losing weight or maintaining weight loss?

Learn about all that, and more, as Kristi talks about her 140 lbs. weight loss journey with me in this open, honest, and humble interview.

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0:00 - Intro
0:17 - How much weight have you lost?
0:28 - How did your weight gain begin?
2:01 - How long did your weight gain last?
3:18 - What was your "AHA!" moment?
5:16 - Did you have a weight loss goal?
5:38 - How did you start losing weight?
7:37 - Mindfulness and Weight Loss
8:33 - Are you still jogging to this day?
8:52 - Did you reach your weight loss goal?
9:11 - How did you FEEL when you reached your weight loss goal?
10:32 - Why do people statistically regain weight?
11:44 - What would feel good enough? (Regaining Weight)
13:35 - What caused you to regain weight?
15:42 - Could a new vice replace older vices?
17:19 - What's more challenging: Losing Weight or Maintaining Weight Loss?
18:05 - Advice for People on a Weight Loss Journey
20:13 - Advice for People Who Have Regained Weight
20:40 - How do you make time for fitness in your busy life?
22:00 - Where can people get in touch with Kristi?
22:45 - What's next for Kristi?
23:30 - A surprise from Me to Kristi!!!

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