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Patrick Tsang interviews Jaeson Ma, a media executive, artist, investor, and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and partner of multiple companies focused on accessing the Asian market through entertainment, media, and technology. In this interview, Jaeson speaks about his childhood as a troubled youth, finding faith, being mentored by MC Hammer, and his role in bridging cultural gaps through arts and media. He also shares the story of putting together the Mike Tyson VS. Roy Jones Jr fight on Triller. Jaeson is one of the leading financiers to companies, institutions, and individuals investing in Asian media and Hollywood entertainment.

Jaeson is a principal partner in Proxima Media and was instrumental in putting together the merger and acquisition of social music video app Triller & MXX (a leading music AI technology). He is also the co-founder of Stampede Ventures with former Warner Brothers President of Worldwide production Greg Silverman, co-founder of 88rising, a multi-platform digital media company that is the leading global destination for Asia-related digital content catering to the Asian millennial market. Prior to forming 88rising and Stampede Ventures, Jaeson is the founder of East West Ventures (EWV). An HTC Portfolio Company, EWV manages top tier clients, production of premium content, & financial advisory for A-list clientele across all areas of investments.

He currently holds many other positions, including Senior Advisor to KKFarm Fund, a joint investment fund between Tencent Music Entertainment (TME) and KKBox - two of the most dominant music streaming platforms in greater China and senior advisor to private equity funds advised by Courage Capital Management, LLC that invest in music rights and is a network partner with GoodWater Capital, a consumer tech focused venture capital firm in Silicon Valley.

Jaeson’s investments include: , Grab, Brain, , Triller, Oursong, Kind Heaven, Proxima Media, Nanotech Energy, OpenNest, CAA Creative Labs and Maum.

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