How do I stay Positive during my weight Loss journey? Look Gorgeous (Vartika) | Motivational Video

How do I stay Positive during my weight Loss journey? Look Gorgeous (Vartika) | Motivational Video

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I tried Rujuta Diwekar inspired Weight Loss Diet with a TWIST | Week 40 | Indian Vegan Diet Chart:

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Rajma Recipe:

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Winter Weight Loss Diet Plan in Hindi | Lose upto 10 kgs in 3 months:

Rujuta Diwekar inspired diet week series:

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Week 10 video:

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Week 20 video:

Week 25 video:

Week 30 video:

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Week 40 video:

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Full Week Diet Plan (Recommended Diet Plan for WEIGHT LOSS):
Rujuta Diwekar inspired Weight Loss Diet:

Rujuta Diwekar Weight loss diet series by Look Gorgeous Vartika

I tried Kareena Kapoor Weight Loss Diet:

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Ohm Chanting:

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