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Edufly JEE-NEET is an online platform for the preparation of engineering and medical entrance channel provides free education on youtube to all the mentor of this channel will provide you best 11th and 12th preparation along with state board,engineering and medical exam you can visit our channel.
Advantage of this channel-
1. JEE MAINS Preparation online
NEET preparation.
year question paper discussion
strategy to prepare online entrance exam for jee and neet.
course for JEE NEET.
About :
Co-founder of this channel is Rahul Bharti , Shikha Dubey and Shiv Prakash Dubey
Rahul Bharti an Alumini of IIT Roorkee is a well experienced educator for IIT JEE NEET. He has done his from IIT Roorkee by clearing IIT JEE advanced exam. He teaches chemistry as a freelance educator as well as reputed institute.
Shikha Dubey is an educator for preparation for NEET exam .She has completed her in Biotechnology and by clearing JNUCEEB with AIR 17. She has done her in Biotechnology.
She will be educate for Biology (Zoology and Botany ) for NEET exam preparation.
Shiv Prakash Dubey is an alumni of IIT Roorkee. He has completed his , form IIT Roorkee. He is an educator of online and offline class . He has many years of teaching experience . He is a good Motivational speaker and social activist.
He will be teaching Physics for preparation for IIT JEE mains and NEET exam.
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Mob : 9427606087
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