He Was Accepted to 9 Medical Schools with a 505 MCAT Score | Mission: Accepted S1 E5

This medical school applicant was able to turn decent stats—505 MCAT and GPA—into a waterfall of interview invites and 9 med school acceptances. Today we take a look at his full AMCAS application and pick apart what helped him succeed.

Mission: Accepted features successful med school applicants. We dive into their full applications, looking at specifically what worked well, along with what they could've done even better.

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- The Premed Playbook: Guide to the Medical School Interview:

In this episode, we discuss:

• Why this applicant believes he was successful during this application cycle.
• His status as a permanent resident—how does that affect admissions?
• What he did right with the ending to his disadvantaged essay.
• How and why he transferred credits from his degree in Nigeria to the
• His C and W in his History classes, and how he discussed them in interviews.
• His biggest mistake with how he planned and approached MCAT prep.
• How he used stories effectively in his activity descriptions.
• How he could've improved his activity descriptions even more.
• The pattern of leadership on display in his activities.
• What he did right in the opening and closing of his personal statement.
• How he's choosing which med school to attend from his 9 acceptances.

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