have a self care day with me *vlog*

been kinda stressed with youtube and university lately, so I took the evening off to have a self care / pamper day - here's a vlog of everything I did, so have a self care day sleepover with me with a takeaway, face mask, ice cream and a movie (a chick flick ofc) I also show you guys my skincare routine for blemish and acne prone skin, and an unboxing of some packages my parents sent me from home, enjoy :)

⋆ chapters ⋆

0:00 why i'm such a mess
1:58 nando's takeaway very yum
2:54 skincare routine
4:00 foodies + 13 going on 30
6:02 face mask
6:36 random unboxing lol
8:26 eye mask and ben & jerrys pog
9:30 mood cards
10:33 outro

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Skin care
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