Foragers Broadcast Ep. 73 - The "Probiotic" Episode...

Hey friends of the forest,

In this episode of foragers broadcast, I discuss herbalism in relation to "germs" and antibiotic culture, gut bacteria and its relation to chronic inflammatory diseases, how we are inherently a biological entity that used to be integrated into the ecological system.

I then go on to discuss the interface and history of hunter gatherer and agrarian culture, specifically in terms of food preservation and fermentation. The number one way of helping the gut is instead of eating "Dry and crunchy" foods, we can switch to soothing, mucilagenous, and cooling foods.

It takes time to change our gut bacteria, and I hope this talk helps give some ideas in relation to why and how.

Also, feel free to check out my article on my website called "Reculturing our world view"

and my videos on fermentation on my youtube channel.

Plant blessings,

Dan de Lion
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