Estrogen Dominance: What is it? What are the problems created by it?

Estrogen Dominance: What it is and the problems created- Dr. Jason Jones Elizabeth City NC, Chiropractor

Hormones are responsible for a lot of changes in your body, from the puberty stage to pregnancy, and menopause. The chemical substances work like a seesaw- when they’re balanced, your body works as it should, but when there is hormonal imbalance, you can begin to experience a lot of problems as a woman.

One major imbalance, known as “estrogen dominance” is particularly blamed for a number of health and well-being issues women face today. We are going to talk about it and the problems created in this article. But before then, let’s talk a bit about estrogen

What is estrogen?

Estrogen is one of the most important female reproductive hormones that control a lot of bodily functions, including:

Menstruation Regulation of cholesterol production Improvement of skin quality and thickness Estrogen is known as the “female hormone,” but it is also found in men. However, women have a higher level of estrogen than men.

Without estrogen, you will start experiencing symptoms of menopause, like hot flashes, irregular periods, moodiness, and more.

What is estrogen dominance?

Estrogen dominance is a type of hormonal imbalance in which your body produces too much estrogen (or your body doesn’t eliminate excess estrogern) in comparison to progesterone.

This condition is common in women of all, and it is characterized by some common indicators, including:

Acne along jawline or chin Menstrual cramps Hot flashes PCOS Endometriosis Weight gain in hips and thighs Infertility Mood changes during the menstrual cycle Uterine fibroids PMS Estrogen dominance can develop from a variety of reasons, but it can also be a result of taking certain medications, like estrogen replacement therapy (a popular treatment for menopause symptoms).

Your body may also develop low progesterone levels, which can lead to hormonal imbalance. This naturally happens during perimenopause and can also be due to the use of a birth control pill.

Also, in some cases, estrogen dominance occurs when the body has too many unhealthy, artificial estrogens from xenoestrogens (chemicals that mimic estrogen in the body).

Xenoestrogens are found in many plastics, makeup, tampons, pesticides, and many other materials.

And then, there’s another important factor: Stress. When you’re stressed, your body produces more cortisol hormone, which slows down your ability to get rid of estrogen.

Health implications or problems created by estrogen dominance

Estrogen dominance is an inflammatory state, and it increases the risk of developing a number of health issues, including:

Cardiometabolic diseases Obesity Autoimmune conditions Cancer (uterine, breast, and ovarian cancer) How do you deal with estrogen imbalance?

If you’re having symptoms of estrogen imbalance, you can still gain rebalance through some measures, including diet, lifestyle, and supplementation.

At our Chiropractic office at Elizabeth City, NC, we always recommend that women eat real food and avoid eating too much “processed foods” and detoxify 1-2 times per year. This helps your body eliminate toxic estrogens through a normal bowel movement.

More so, when you eat real foods, you get the necessary nutrients needed to support your liver and intestinal tract to eliminate toxins efficiently.

You can consult Dr. Jason Jones in our Chiropractic office at Elizabeth City, NC, to learn more about some diet and lifestyle changes that you can make to help regain estrogen balance.
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