Ep 32 A Mompreneur with Core Desires Beth Learn

Episode 32 features a leader with Momma friendly fitness focused on regaining control over your core!

Bethany Learn, Founder of Fit2B Studio is a long time advocate and trainer in the fitness industry who is focused on connecting women with their cores but not just on the physical level. I unfortantely got this episode out a little later than expected so ignore some of the Thanksgiving talk but when I got it back from editing, it suddenly did not feel right as part of a Thanksgiving Trilogy with episodes 30 and 31 that I had originally intended.

Had to Go With Instinct on This one

Beth Learn's Goddess Share feels much more like a mid December new Moon kind of thing so I held it. Relistening to this talk on how we can empower our sons and daughters when we reclaim the power of our mama rich bodies was definitely a New Moon, nearest the dark moon and longest night of the year perfect conversation.

When we recorded, we had not yet reached the peak of the last roll of the #MeToo and the federal declarations that the CDC stop using the term fetus or transgender whn discussing their position on the health science presented. Beth and I speak of transforming our education by passing down the true knowledge of our genetic blueprints in being a woman to the next generation and I think the latest news on how many women lost their way in the world of powerful men holds its roots within the fertile conversation we ended up having.

I can tell you now, post the surge of social media and big name exposures, both our companies are going to communicate about our societal health coming from the wisdom of owning HER health, Owning OUR Health and the impact disrespecting our own bodies in pursuit of masculine support can bring.

Her message is "You are amazing and strong the way you are!"

This concept of being enough as Holy and Whole from a traditional more conservative girl is actually woven into Beth's mantra. Her global virtual fitness company supporting moms with that vibe literally evolved in late 2010 while having a casual "What " conversation with an entrepreneurial, male friend.

Connecting the dots & collaboration

One of the things that drew me to network with Beth was her down home real personality when meeting people in the industry. We met at the Women in Women's Health event in NYC late 2016 and it only made it better when I saw she was opening a brand new world of opportunity for the clients I used to see and the aspiring mompreneurs in my Lady Biz tribe. So excited to share her story.

The Path less followed

Dreaming of what she needed as a woman healing from the work of child birthing two children and still breastfeeding her second child, Beth decided to share her vision of how she could merge health, wealth and home. Now seven years later, her co-creation membership site has inspired clients in 45 countries worldwide. That demonstrates the power we all hold in connecting our season of life with the flow of money. In her case, it helped to have the masculine and feminine in the business partnership in a way that respected eachother's skill set, interests and divine's vibe.

In this

We Discuss a bit about that. How in allowing herself to dream big as a mom, she ended up finding her passion and making a profit from it. We get a look how Beth moved her pre-kid fitness trainer skills organically into the realities of mommy life. How she was fearless in getting the best strategic partnership for her Fit 2 B girls course in a traditional B line way but how she also used the feminine style of making business deals to expand her brand to the young women in the making! Empower Your Girls by Empowering HER Guides

So how does a parent empower our really young daughters in a way that truly honors her form without the sexual function of it?

WE DO TALK ABOUT TEEN SEX but We talk the best way to introduce girls to their body as their own first! Take a Look at her girl's course! HERE

We talk about the fact most women grow up have lots of kids and never learn about the things their body really does. For Are you aware the clitoris has a function beyond sexual pleasure? Make sure to get her course and listen in even if you don't have a daughter, and especially if you have a son or a husband to inform. How this young woman went off to college hoping to be a political writer but moved from exercising her mind into exercising her body and make teaching it her career. The curvier hustle as a mother getting herself back into shape and back into life as essential. The lessons she is learning from her daughter as a young girl moving into her own Maiden Fire at home.

The Family Life of a Lady Biz

Lady Biz wise we talk shop on collaborating on a growing business. How Beth is gaining community by meeting them where they are for business but also meeting herself and her own core values How she
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