Dr. Gobind Rai Garg discussing a question from INICET November 2020 | Question 11

Watch Pharmacology Expert & Noted Faculty, Dr. Gobind Rai Garg discuss the question 11 from INICET November 2020. The question is as below:

Q11. A patient presented with an episode of seizure and CT scan revealed presence of calcified cysts in brain with no evidence of hydrocephalus. A diagnosis of neurocysticercosis was made. Which of the following statements regarding treatment of this condition is correct?

a. Only anti-parasitic drugs should be given
b. Anti-parasitic drugs should be given and after the completion of course steroids should be given
c. Steroids should be started first followed by anti-parasitic drugs
d. Only anti-epileptic drugs should be given

Answer: (c. ) Steroids should be started first followed by anti-parasitic drugs


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