Age 41, stage 4 endometriosis, 4 frozen embryos. How many embryos should I implant at once?

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In a recent Ask The Egg Whisperer, Mary from California wrote in and shared her story. Here's what she sent in:
"Hi Dr. Aimee, Gosh I wish I found you online sooner, you are amazing!
I am 41, Stage 4 endometriosis. Last excision surgery end of 2020. Dr also removed one ovary and both tubes, still have one ovary and uterus.
I have 4 frozen embryos. Grades: 4BB, two 4CC, 3CC (all Day6). Doing first FET. Ovulated thru Lupron and b/c pill so starting cycle over, doctor doubled b/c pill for 5 days and then to 1 pill a day and increased Lupron.
Hoping I don’t ovulate thru again!
How many embryos would you suggest I ask my doctor to implant at once?
Any supplements, foods or tips you recommend for successful FET with history of severe endometriosis? Thank you!"

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