35 Top I-Pill Related Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

If you are thinking of taking I-pill to avoid pregnancy after you had unprotected sex, take out a few minutes to watch this.

In today’s video, I am going to answer 35 common questions that people have about I-pill. To learn the answers to these and 30 more questions, watch this video till the end. Please note that you should always consult your doctor before taking any medications.


00:00 35 Top I-Pill Related Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
00:39 How many times in 1 month can I take I-pill or unwanted 72?
01:13 After sex in how much time should i-pill or unwanted-72 be taken?
01:41 Can I-pill be taken on empty stomach?
01:58 What is the dose of i-pill or unwanted 72?
02:26 When should I-pill be taken?
02:40 How can I use I-pill?
02:55 Can a girl get pregnant even after taking i pill?
03:23 Is I-pill Safe?
03:51 Is one pill enough to stop pregnancy?
04:05 How do I know I pill is working?
04:19 Do you bleed after I-pill?
04:37 Can I-pill fail?
05:00 Can I pill delay periods?
05:19 Why do you bleed after I-pill?
05:35 Can I take 2 I-pill in a week?
06:25 Can I pill cause early periods?
06:35 Is one emergency pill enough?
07:09 Can I take 2 pills in 2 days?
07:34 Can you get pregnant with condoms?
07:52 Can I-pill be taken after 72 hours?
08:12 Does I-pill work after 3 days?
08:32 Does 72-hour pill delay period?
08:58 Can I get pregnant on my period?
09:06 How Does I-Pill or Unwanted 72 Work?
09:58 How to Know if I-Pill is really Working?
10:13 If we keep on taking i-pills or unwanted 72 hormone tablets is there any chances of getting fibroids?
10:48 Is i-pill or unwanted 72 safe for long time usage?
11:24 Does i-pill or unwanted 72 cause fibroids?
11:51 What are the side effects after taking i-pill or unwanted 72 hormone tablets?
12:24 For how many days I-pill or unwanted 72 is effective?
12:45 Should I take i-pill or unwanted 72 before or after sex?
13:03 If I take I-pill or unwanted 72 before sex is it good?
13:20 Can I take I-Pill or Unwanted 72 if I have PCOD or PCOS?
13:33 Does Expired Date I-Pill or Unwanted 72 work?
13:46 Does I-pill or unwanted 72 cause delayed periods or irregular period?

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