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Most of us suffer from unwanted facial hair, some people are lucky to have less hair or light facial hair which easily blends with your skin but for those whose facial hair doesn't matches the skin than it can be a challenge.

I always prefer home remedy to get rid of them and as the solution is 100% natural so there are no risk of any side effects.
You can use this method weekly once for better results. Within 4 to 5 weeks you able to see the difference.

Products used in the preparation of the Mask { Method 1}

1. Gram Flour { Besan}
2. Coconut Oil
3, Rose Water
Mix all ingredients and apply the mask in the direction of your hair growth. Leave it there for 20 mins.
For removing you have to rub this mask on your you are rubbing your direction of rubbing should be opposite direction of your hair growth. Keep rubbing the area from where you want to remove the facial hair for 4 to 5 mins. Do not use face wash after this treatment. After 1 hour wash your face with cool water.

Products shown in this video:
1. Wheat Flour
2. Turmeric
3. Raw Milk
4. Butter
Same procedure of method 1.
Ubtan has been used for several years and is proven to give 100% results.

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