2021 Weight Loss Journey | Weightloss Vlog | Truth About Losing Weight Is

Hello ya'll, in this video we go deep into the struggles of the weight loss journey. I've already lost 85 pounds and in my channel we go through the complete ups and downs of losing weight.

In this video I decided to recap the last two weeks of my journey and be completely vulnerable with you guys. It's an honor to be able to use this platform as a place to promote healthier options for weight release.



Hi!! I'm Opal Stacie, 32 year old mom of 3 black free young babies, ages 10, 7 and 3. I'm a writer at heart & a creator since birth.

+ How'd you lose weight? Count calories / eat wholesome nutrient dense foods 3-5 times a day. No snacking.
+ Do you workout? I walked at least 4 times per week, 30 minutes each time around my neighborhood or my neighborhood park. (check my IG highlights for Inspo - )
+ Any keto? Vegan? Fad diets: NONE
+ Any surgery? NO. ALL NATURAL.
+ How tall are you? 5''4 inches.
+ How much do you weigh? pounds.
+ How old are you? 32
+ Nationality? Black as hell.
Weight loss
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